Bred Cow Sales

All sales will be broadcasted live with online bidding on NextLot. For more information on any of these sales please give one of our professional sales team a call.

Manger: Blaine Huston 1-204-750-4206

Auctioneer: Tyler Slawinski 1-204-672-0450

Auctioneer: Josh Unrau 1-204-871-0279

Friday November 24th at 1pm

Herd Reduction for Trent and Leslie Headly 50 Red and Black Simmental cross cows. Begin calving mid March. Bred to Simmental or Short Horn bulls. A Really nice quiet set of cows coming to town. 

Herd Dispersal for Susan Linto. 85 Charolais cross cows and Heifers. Start calving  the third week of March. Cows are bred to Charolais bulls. 12 heifers bred to black Simmental bulls. Good set of working Charolais cows. 

Herd Dispersal of 50 cows for Winchester Ranch. Herd consists of purebred Charolais (unregistered) and Simmental angus cross cows. Bred to red Simmental and tan Charolais bulls. Bulls out from April 15 till June 15th. This is a young herd. Very quite cows will come to pail and feed wagon. Full herd health.

Also about 50 good cows coming in small groups  

Friday December 1st at 1pm

Herd Reduction for Wright Spud Farms 60 cows. Short horn cross Simmental cows. Bred to black Simmental. Bulls out May 15th for 70 days. Pictures to come.

Herd Reduction for Derick Dickson 18black and red cows Simmental Angus cross. Bred black or red angus. More information and pictures to come.

Herd Reduction for Mark Pollok 100 Charolais cross cows. Calving March

Friday December 8th at 1pm

Herd Dispersal for Richard Rey. 100 red simmental cows and heifers. Bred to Charolais bulls. 12 heifers bred to low-birth-weight black angus bulls. Bulls out June 1st for 50 days. Full herd health. Nice set of solid Red exotic cows

Herd Dispersal for Cathcart Farms 100 red and black cows. Bulls out May 26. Bred black simmental or red angus. Complete herd health, scour boss, Bovi Shield Gold FP5, Ivomec. Nice quite set of cows

Herd Dispersal for Kostenchuck Farms. 50 red and black Simmental cows. Bred to red simmental bulls. Start calving January 20th. Full herd health program. A good set of solid cows

Friday December 15th at 1pm

Herd dispersal for Manhart Farms. 250 red and tan mixed cows, bred to red bulls. Start calving April. More information and pictures to come.