Slawinski Farms Complete Herd Dispersal Feb-17 1:00pm

We have made the hard decision to sell the cows, this is strictly a management decision. With many irons in the fire, it makes it tough to dedicate the time it takes to do a sufficient job and to give the attention that is needed in all areas to be productive and successful. No, we are not going out of the cattle business, we will continue to support the cattle markets by backgrounding feeder cattle and running yearlings on grass. The farming operation will dedicate more time to the grain operation and land management, and I (Tyler) will continue to support the cattle producers, by helping with all their livestock marketing needs at both Gladstone and Ashern Auction Markets. It takes a lifetime of hard work, blood, and sweat to build something one is proud of, I have managed this herd for over a decade and I hope these girls work as hard for you as they have for us!

This herd is on a Full Health Program, all the new owner has to do is take them home open the trailer door and let them do their thing! A majority of these cows have been bred Simmental, we bred some good straight black cows over the years to Horned Hereford for heifer retention, “pretty hard to beat a good baldy mama cow.” Smaller framed cows were either bred to high performing Black Angus bulls or heifer style calving ease Simmental bulls. All Heifers were bred to calve unassisted here at home to calving ease low birth weight Black Angus bulls. The cows break down to “approximately” 175 Black and Black White Faced Cows, 70 Red and Red White Face Cows, and 10 Roan, and Charolais Cross cows. These Numbers include the 25 bred heifers. Join us for lunch sale day prior to the sale at 12:00pm. Sale is at 1:00.

  • These cows were exposed to bulls June 5th, 6th, and 7th
  • Bulls were pulled November 1st
  • Herd Management along with a good feeding/nutrition program has paid off, with a very fertile conception rate.
  • 3 percent open in the last 2 years
  • Several Twins

Herd Health

  • Heifer Retention starts with the Bovi-Sheild gold (One Shot) as heifer calves
  • Solmectin (Pour On)
  • Covexin (Blackleg with Tetanus)
  • Scour Guard 4kc initial shot at preg checking
  • Heifers are then boostered with Scour Guard with the cows prior to calving
  • Cows are pregnancy checked
  • Receive Covexin (Blackleg with Tetanus)
  • Receive Solmectin (Pour on)
  • After Calving the empty cows receive their Bovi-Shield Gold FP5


  • These cattle typically graze from June until the snow is too deep.
  • The cattle have grazed tame pasture, wild pasture, community pasture, second cut regrowth, corn, and swath grazed
  • After weaning the calves, the cows are switched onto a TMR. The TMR is nutritionist designed and approved for gain.
  • Cattle are fed “Bulls-Eye” Mineral throughout the Ration and by doing so have reason to believe that is the reasoning behind the high fertility, and excellent conception rate.
  • Cattle are “Silage Bunk Broke”
  • Cattle load and unload on and off cattle liners with ease.


  • Northern Light Simmentals
  • T&A Vandepoele Angus
  • Dequier Cattle Co. “Simmentals”
  • Madsen Angus
  • Spruce Ridge Stock Farms “Angus”
  • Bar “O” Herefords
The Herd Turned Onto Regrowth For Grazing
A Favorite
Second and Third Calvers on Grass
Bred Heifers
Bred Heifers
Calf Crop